DON POL S.A. was established in 1975, aiming at the production and distribution of detergents and cosmetics products in the Greek market. Today, after 37 years of continuous development in the market, DON POL is holding a leading position in both categories, strategically focusing in the production of private labels.

The production facilities are fully equipped with automated packaging lines, which combined with the specialized personnel guarantee the constant quality of all the products.
DON POL S.A. complies with all the relevant European regulations and practices regarding the production processes, and all the products are certified by the Greek General Chemical State Laboratory and/or the Greek National Organization for Medicines. The company is also certified by the Hellenic Organization for Standardization under the Standard EN ISO 9001.
The biggest advantages of DON POL are the large assortment and many product choices, the company's flexibility in design-production-delivery, it's consistency and the optimum value for money proposition.